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by Mike Allen

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Written and Produced: Mike Allen
Mastered: Crimson Sun Audio
Photography and Artwork: Josh Martines

Thanks to: My family, Rob Pawlowski, Josh Martines, Lawrence Grover, Kris Johnson, Sara Tibbetts, Reuben, John McEwen, Eric Krueger, Eric Laeyendecker, David Kiley, Kevin Ritzke, Adam Quick, Corey Brunsvold, Shawn Schultz and Sun Sea Sky Productions.


released November 10, 2015



all rights reserved


Mike Allen Minneapolis, Minnesota

Mike Allen has been responsible for guitar and vocal duties in the band Sunday Flood for nearly two decades.

Around 2003, Allen found an outlet in writing and recording music very much his own; a trend which he continues to pursue as both a solo artist and in the duo Prolekult.
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Track Name: This Conversation Has Been Compromised
do you realize
that in these eyes
there's an egocentric, convoluted, replicated duplicate of what i think
you want from me?
and every time
you're out of line
i will estimate and calculate and even re-evaluate everything
that i should be
should i run and hide
and leave behind
my capacity for reasoning, every single decency
just to make it easier for you
to lie?
and how am i
to realize
that even more of the same
is just a part of your game?
my intentions are lying in the ditch
should i act like i care you really are
or is that maybe going too far?
i'm sure that you'd rather i lie
but playing this game makes me want to die
if you really want me to play along
i guess i can sing you that same old song
just don't be surprised if i scream
this wretched facade is not what it seems
Track Name: Who Do You Think You Aren't?
i lost another staring contest with the mirror
my opponent he whispers sweet nothings into my ear
when i ask him nicely he's happy to share his regrets
but augmented arguments placate his sentiments
he'll beat the truth out of himself just give him more time
if you need the answers now then get in line.

i see my integrity
laid out in front of me
little to no defense against my own pretense
no one but me demands these actions
a strict adherence to moral distractions
i'll be your reflection
just to avoid detection
searching for clues and heeding the warnings of your discretion
if i stand in opposition
at least it will be my decision
did it take so long for me to realize?
Track Name: Speaking In Plagues
the company you keep is better off
thinking that they cannot get enough
turn a blind eye on the spotlight's subject
suddenly it's all so clear
always patronize your audience
keep them apprised of who knows best
because your stature's achieved
by the brilliant reprieve
of your undying need to be right
the aperture is fractured willingly
the shutter captures you so brilliantly
but there's holes in your story
and cracks in the foundation
of your lauded misery
applauded redactions
of misplaced reactions
you empty your cup
just to brag that it's half full
how many ways can you hide your disdain
for the one's who've got something to say?
Track Name: It's Not Me, It's You
anagrammatical versions of actual self
false fronts are in full force.
i'll play stupid for you
so long as you realize
all that is in these eyes is...
unwavering retreat.
contemplating societal suicide
riddled and justified for...
the sake of saving face.
broken candor
bridging the gap between slander and fact just for you
a thankless decision.

resist the urge
to further indulge
in your self-defaming prose
this routine has gotten you nowhere
and everybody knows
your lungs are filled with the breath of a thousand liars
but still you cannot breathe
all things considered
the lie's been delivered
why not just up and leave?
a straight face you've kept
while your morals have wept
just how far are you willing to go?
to seal your fate
so you can relate
now watch your resentment grow
Track Name: 12 Gauge Larynx
every time you open your mouth i...
want to reach down your throat
and rip out your soul
and feed it to the wolves.
where would we be without your two cents?
socially bankrupt
and struggling to make any sense...
of your duress.

have you ever wondered why
no one bats an eye
when you fall on your face
while trying to make your case?
i'll find you a mirror
so you don't live in fear
of what this world would be
without your legacy

every time you lie to
those who look up to you
another mindless ingrate
spreads your brand of hate.
kill everyone softly
but murder them with vigor
calculate the profits
but undermine the splendor.

have you ever wondered why
no one bats an eye
when you fall on your face
while trying to make your case?
i'll find you a mirror
so you don't live in fear
of what this world would be
without your legacy
you will never know
the lengths to which i go
to stamp out your disease
join me, won't you please?
Track Name: Juxt
have you seen the guy from next door
the one who only tells the truth
while he's lying face down on the floor?
prostrated and angled
the truth he will dangle
he might even ask if you'd fancy some more...
of his stabs at perception.
he's about my height, a little rough around the edges
he gets everything he needs to know
from the secrets that he catches.
if you flash him a weakness
you'll capture his essence
you'll even decide
every point that he stresses.
have you ever asked permission
ever really tried to listen
to the inconclusive, misanthropic, understated ramblings of yourself?
pardon the intrusion
i've wasted your time
deep into this deep end
i'm no longer willing to dive.
Track Name: Your Soul Is A Device
leave it all behind
whispers of graces are the silence you'll find
have you confused the best shortcomings for scripture...
or do you need another mad man's lecture?
i'll reach out to you
but only if you cannot see my face
you wouldn't want to know what's really on my mind
because you'd fear the pure silence you'd find.
Track Name: The Illusion Of Worth
you've been given purpose by a ghost that walks among us
i want to believe like you do
no more birth mark bleed through
how can someone so blind
see a truth that's not in these eyes
how dare you realize thee
just to flat out demonize me
i would die to live like you do
no conscience seeping through
how many steps backwards must you take
just to validate your mistake?
Track Name: Solipsistic Nervosa
so who's this beside me
reflecting necessity
calling the shots
with the utmost complexity?
decide, for christ's sake
forget what is at stake
a cameo role
in your greatest of mistakes.
eclectic discrepancies
misplaced identities
no moral currency
pick-pocket bribery.
sporadic fortitude
dissolves the attitude
forceful deficiencies
spawn new malignancies.
decrepit expectancies
baffling discrepancies
scatter my mysteries
in unpleasant histories.
broken dependencies
indentured pleasantries
blasting my way
through these whoring mentalities.
expectancy theories and psycho analysis
cutting the throats of the best nightmare fantasies.
tear down the monuments
shred all the documents
kill the impediments
die for the evidence.

i'm only alone on the outside.
i'm only alone on the outside.
i'm only alone on the outside.
i'm only alone on the outside.
i'm only alone on the outside.
i'm only alone on the outside.
Track Name: A House In The Mountains
another winter
another year
the echoes of time
are ringing clear.
the autumn leaves
have blown away
it seems the cold is...
here to stay.
it's nature's way
to call you home
but first you must bloom
all alone.
a time will come
when you're not here
but i will always
know you're near.

where do i
fit into this?
a place devoid of
a place dismissed
of all that you
had to offer
your reassurance
and heart-felt laughter
you always knew how to ease the pain...
and keep my weaknesses restrained.
the time has come
and you're not here
but i will always know you're near.

i can see outside your window
a million miles away from here
it's beautiful and skies are clear
the snow capped mountains are so serene
your smile's as big as i've ever seen

some may say it's over now
but they will never know
the difference you made
it will live on
you're my hero and i'm your son
you're my hero and i'm your son

*i'll see you again soon, dad. you are profoundly missed and loved by so many. you're my hero and i'm your son.